Art Gallery

Art Gallery

Like many parents, I am faced each week with a pile of art that is sent home from school and deciding what goes in the trash, what gets displayed and what gets saved. It is fun looking at what the boy brings home, but my fridge gets crowded, so I needed another solution. Inspired by … Continue reading


Pepo Pie Progress

How’s that for a little alliteration 😉  Last night I made it to the arm holes on C1’s Pepo Pie.  I’m so glad I made his first, as C2’s should fly after this one.  Not that this one has been that slow.  I’ve made this much progress in a week, which I’m thinking is pretty … Continue reading



Oops I didn’t post yesterday but this is what I was going to post. We went to the kid’s school for his fall festival. They had this turkey on the wall of what kids are thankful for. Most kids said their family or something significant. My kid, he’s thankful for Cars 2. Continue reading