Pepo Pie Progress

How’s that for a little alliteration 😉  Last night I made it to the arm holes on C1’s Pepo Pie.  I’m so glad I made his first, as C2’s should fly after this one.  Not that this one has been that slow.  I’ve made this much progress in a week, which I’m thinking is pretty good considering the infant and all.
Pepo Pie for C1 in progress

I love that this is basically knit in one piece with just the shoulders to seam and pockets to seam at the end.  I adore this pattern so far, and think, after two times of casting on and three swatches (oh gauge, you are a finicky one), that this is going to fit the kiddo just fine.  It’s fitted so he will likely only be able to wear it this season, but we’re going to wear the heck out of it while it fits.  And, I’ll be able to save this one for C2 someday, which is a bonus.

The goal is to finish this one up by this weekend and block it (it’s rolling like crazy) so I can hopefully get C2’s all done by Thanksgiving.  I do have a long drive to Arkansas for the holiday which should hopefully help.


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