Friday Favorites

C1’s Favorite Things


I thought I’d share a few of C1’s favorite things, in case there’s a six year old (or thereabouts) in your life that might enjoy some of these things, as well.

1. Books

Not too long ago, we finished reading Fortunately The Milk as a read aloud book.  It was a gift from Mary-Heather, and he loved it.  It was just silly enough to keep him interested, and each night he was sad when we were done reading.  We moved from that to Flora & Ulysses, as recommended by some Twitter friends, and he loves it, too.  I mean, who wouldn’t love a book about a squirrel who may or may not be a super hero?  We’re not quite halfway with this one, but so far so good.  Both of these books are a bit higher than his level reading wise, but they still have illustrations.  It’s hard to get him to pay attention to a book without illustrations, so well illustrated books are really helpful with this.

2. Games  

We’ve been playing Lego Marvel Super Heroes for about a month now.  He got it as a gift from his Uncle, once he started playing what he calls “controller games”.  He and I play it together, and the team play is really fun.  I’m able to help out so he doesn’t get frustrated and I have fun in the process.  You unlock different characters all along the way so it’s exciting to see who we’ll bump into next.  He also got World of Goo last week for his Kindle (it is available on lots of mobile platforms and computers).  We had been playing it on the computer at the library and he really liked it, so I got it for him when he earned an app due to meeting a good behavior goal.  I like this one because it does teach him some physics and critical thinking skills along the way.

3. Food  

This may seem insignificant, but his most requested dinner these days is fish (usually either this tilapia or salmon) and couscous.  He happens to be the pickiest eater so the fact that he’s branched out into seafood is a BIG deal.  Now to get him to eat something green along with that, and get his brother to get more couscous in his mouth than he does on the floor.


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