Art Gallery

Like many parents, I am faced each week with a pile of art that is sent home from school and deciding what goes in the trash, what gets displayed and what gets saved. It is fun looking at what the boy brings home, but my fridge gets crowded, so I needed another solution. Inspired by an idea that I found on Pinterest, I went to work.

I made a plan after scoping out Hobby Lobby and bought their backless/glassless frames in two different sizes. I also got Chalkboard paint and painted the frames with that, hoping we could note the names of the artists (as C2 gets bigger) as well as the date or info on the art.

"Art" Gallery

I just spraypainted them in the garage. I am not a great spray painter, so there are some imperfections, but they work for me. I also found these clips at Hobby Lobby and affixed them with thumbtacks to the wall, just below where the frame hangs.

"Art" Gallery

The whole project cost me about $30 for frames, hardware, clips and spraypaint. It took me a while because I spray painted them then let them sit before hanging them, but hands on time it was probably only a couple of hours. C1 loves it because everyone sees his art as you enter our house and I think he will really enjoy bringing home new art and switching things out as he creates more. I love it because the artwork is hung out of the reach of the little one, so no fear of precious pieces being destroyed at the hands of a one year old.


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