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Five on Friday


Just five random things to end the week.

  1. I have been working on an embroidery project and it almost got put in time out last night due to the fact that I couldn’t thread the needle. Mary Heather to the rescue! She suggested I check out this method and it worked like a charm.
  2. I’ve been making my bed almost every day this year, so far. I started doing it before reading this post, but this post really made me think about the positive impacts of small actions and being disciplined in small areas of life.
  3. This weekend it will be time for the boys and I to start talking about what Valentines they want to do for their friends. I have some ideas on my Valentines pinterest board, but would love to hear if you have seen any cute/creative ideas lately.
  4. I’m firing up my Project Life documenting again this weekend, and setting up my planner for next month. With all of the writing down I’m doing lately, I really want to play with hand lettering more, so I have put a couple of books on hold from the library. I’m also hoping to watch more of Shayda Campbell’s videos on hand lettering and to play along. It seems like it will be fun to play with even if my results aren’t spectacular.
  5. It is supposed to be beautiful out this weekend, so we’re going to go pick strawberries! The photo above is from last year’s strawberry picking adventure. I know, it’s crazy early for strawberries, but we are at the beginning of the season for them here, so it’s time to start stocking our freezer with good locally grown strawberries for smoothies the rest of the year. Plus, they have fried pies….man, I love their fried pies.

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