Planner things I love

I am really loving my Inkwell Press planner. I think my favorite part is the marking of a new month with a new mission board and setting up the new monthly pages.  This month, I spread out every possible thing I might use on my table when getting it going, though some months I keep it more simple.


Even with all of these things piled on the table (and it got messier before it got better), there were three things that stood out as my current planner favorites.

  1. Top Left: The green ruler
    I keep this ruler in the front pocket of my planner so I always have it on hand. I use it to draw lines to divide my days on my daily pages, add check boxes for my to-do items and to add a little hexagon to the page where I list what we’re having for dinner so it’s easy for me to find.  I didn’t anticipate how much I would use this guy, but I do love it.
  2. Middle: My washi tape dispenser
    Okay, the dispenser itself is nothing special, really, but I do love this washi tape. It is thin enough to use on my monthly page to highlight certain days, has a good variety of colors so I can color code things and it is okay to write on (you just have to let it dry or it will smear).
  3. Top Right: Carpe Diem stickers
    Mary-Heather sent me these and I love them! I use them for birthdays on my monthly calendar and for other reminders and alerts on my daily spread. There are a lot of different stickers to choose from so I can always find something that is applicable to the thing I want to highlight and they are small enough so they fit in okay.

I mostly like to keep things in my planner simple. I’m afraid if I try to make it too complex, I won’t keep up with it. But, it is fun to play with it a bit, too, and these three things are making it fun to play while still allowing me to keep things simple. Here’s a picture of one my daily pages where you can see all of these three things at work.


I went ahead and drew my little checkboxes ahead of time this week. I only drew three on each side (one is work and one is personal) but I can add more as needed, or erase them since I wrote them in with my Frixion erasable pen (another thing I love). I also put the little barbell sticker in there so I can record what I did for my workout.

Hope this little glimpse into some of my favorite planner things right now is helpful! I’d love to hear about the things you are using in your planner (or bullet journal, etc) that are your current favorites, as well.


One thought on “Planner things I love

  1. Love those stickers! I’m always looking for something visually fun and colorful but without a lot of fuss so a sticker label is the best for me. I also love using a fun paperclip to mark my daily page. Looks like you do that too! So fun – thanks for sharing!

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