Inside my Craft Closet

We moved into this house in July, and I’m still not unpacked. As is expected, I unpacked most of the other rooms (there is still a box or two floating around) before getting to my office. One thing about this house is it has great closets, but the closets don’t have any structure built-in.  When I began unpacking things into my office, I knew I was going to have to find a way to add structure and more defined storage to the office closet.  I wanted to do this without spending a lot of money, so of course I hit up IKEA and then hunted around the house for other storage boxes and things I already had to see what would help tame the chaos.

At Ikea, I got the shoe organizer in the upper left. I love this thing, especially for the price. Each little compartment either has an in progress project in it or some notions I want easy access to, like pom pom makers. I also got the Hyllis shelves in the bottom picture. They are very utilitarian but perfect for a project like this, and short enough to fit under the closet railing which was kind of hard to find. I still need to do some organization there, but wanted to show how they turned out.  In the top right picture, I found some dollar store bins and they were perfect to put on top of a small shelf I have. One of them is holding sewing patterns and the other one has stationary and stickers in it. In the middle is one of my favorite little fabric bins that Carolyn gave me years ago.

After months of having my crafty stuff in boxes, it is so nice to see it again! I thought I was fine living out of boxes, but it is really inspiring to have the books and supplies out and within reach. I’m hoping it will provide a little crafty motivation.


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