I got my new sewing machine, and have been so busy using it, that I haven’t even posted about it!  I ended up purchasing a Janome 4800QC, but they didn’t have one in stock, so I got a 4900QC instead (yay for free upgrades).  And, it got here in two days with free shipping, an extra added bonus!

The Macheen

Since I received it, I’ve been catching up on projects that I already had the supplies to make!

Minky Blanket
A minky blanket and pillowcase for the kid

Last Minute Gifts Coasters
Some coasters as a hostess gift (and to practice my quilting)

Buttercup Bag
And, I purchased some fabric to make a buttercup bag. I love the pattern, though I think I’m much better sewing things that aren’t three dimensional (blankets, quilts, etc.). I rarely am able to make a bag that I’m happy with, so I may have to stick to quilts for the time being.

This was all in the first weekend I had the machine! I got my dose of immediate gratification and now I’m working on a quilt that will take me a bit longer. It is definitely easier to be productive and a much better experience now that I don’t have to fight with my machine so much. I love the new machine, though I know I haven’t even scratched the surface of it’s capabilities. I am looking forward to learning the best ways to use everything. My favorite part, the fact that I can keep a lot of the feet in the top of the machine! It makes it much easier to find them when I need them!!!


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