New Macheen!*

I settled on a new sewing machine, thanks largely to all of the advice spurred on by a previous post, and it is in transit!  On it's way!  It will be here tomorrow!  To make it even better, we're off on Friday (kid has a school holiday so we both took off), which means that tomorrow is my Friday! 

I'm so not ready for it to arrive.  My craft room is in shambles.  It has become a dumping ground for all things homeless.  But, I know its arrival will make the cleaning go much faster as I'll be anxious to get that sucker going!

In anticipation of the new machine, I ordered a new sewing book (like I don't already have a billion projects I'd like to tackle, but I was looking for inspiration), Weekend Sewing by Heather Ross.  I thought there might be one or two patterns I'd want to make out of this book, and was really ordering it for the eye candy, but I was wrong!  There are a ton of great projects.  A couple of my favorites are below (pics from the Weekend Sewing Gallery).


Originally, I thought this dress was for a little girl.  But, no, it's in grown-up sizes!  I'm terrified of garment sewing, but this one might just sway me to try it.


I have the husband on record saying that if I made him and the kid matching pajama pants (or as we call them around here "jams") then he will wear them.  I may not make them matchy-matchy, but I do think coordinates would be super cute for the fam.

Now, I just need fabric!  Hmmm…a run to the fabric store on my lunch break may be in order!

*Spelling intentional, that's how we say it around here because it makes us laugh.  It is said that way in every respect…a bread "macheen", you are a "macheen", you get the picture.


3 thoughts on “New Macheen!*

  1. Welcome to the Rav team 🙂 I found your blog that way and must say… you guys look like a ton of fun! But I’m so glad you’re not my upstairs neighbors, he he he.
    Hope the sewing goes well with the new guy and that you have time for sewing and knitting now!

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