NaKniSweMoDo Update – Sweater 2

Well, by now, I should be finishing garment #3, but I’m one behind.  However, my February Lady sweater is moving pretty quickly!  I may not finish it by the end of March, but I’m hoping that I’ll at least come close.  Here it was earlier this week.

February Lady progress

And, here it is today
February Lady progress (on)

The lace pattern has been really easy to keep up with, since I got a couple of repeats done. I did have to rip out a few rows last night, but it was just because I hadn’t been paying attention. I have some other projects that I need to do this week, too, including some freezer paper stenciling, but hopefully I’ll continue to truck along on this sweater!


3 thoughts on “NaKniSweMoDo Update – Sweater 2

  1. Is the yarn from Tess? I think we’re going to have matching sweaters! (Eventually, once I can stop knitting baby shower gifts and go back to my Feb Lady Sweater!)
    Yours is looking great.

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