I spent a lot of this weekend thinking about ways that I can be involved in more crafty endeavors.  I dreamt of it being my life, my job.  I schemed about businesses to start and classes to teach.  In the end, I realized that you don't manufacture that sort of thing, you just do what you do.  And, of course, this was just symptomatic of the January "blahs" that Cara posted about yesterday.

In all of this, I just decided to channel this energy into more creating.  This season of my life, I will invest in creating and learning, to prepare me for what may come down the road later.  I also realized that I need to truly invest in my life today, and not yearn for it to be a different life.

Speaking of being crafty, I am still catching up from the holidays, and I never shared the finished product of my favorite crafty gifts of 2008 – relaxation kits for the girls at work!  I had shared with you bits and pieces along the way, but now I can share the whole thing.

Picture 022

This is the whole messy set-up.  Each basket made included (from back left to front right) sugar scrub, foaming bath salts, lavender eye pillows, tub teas, and peppermint layered soaps.

Picture 026
I made little labels to put on everything.

Picture 031

And wrapped the salts/sugar scrub in some snowflake cellophane with little wooden spoons.

Picture 034

Then, I put everything in these felt buckets from the Target Dollar Spot and wrapped it all in cellophane, with the beaded ornaments tied on the front.

Picture 037

They were fun to make, well-received and hopefully enjoyed over the holidays by the recipients!


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