Around here

Over Christmas
break, the kid got a cold, which turned into an ear infection (um, which he isn't supposed to have anymore since he got tubes…oh joy).  Then, the husband got a cold.  I thought I had missed it, and I did, sort of.  I've been having troubles with my contacts so I went to the eye doctor yesterday.  He told me that I caught the cold, in my eye!  How weird!  Anyway, one week of no contacts and eye drops.  I really hate my glasses, but this is the current look.


Yesterday, after the doctor's appointment, I made my first batch of pita pockets.  I got a bread machine for Christmas and there was a recipe in the book for pita pockets, so I gave them a whirl.  They were really easy to make and you only bake 'em for 5 minutes before the puff up like that to make the pocket part.  Who knew?  They were fun to make & taste really good.  They may become a weekend ritual around our house.


4 thoughts on “Around here

  1. Love the sweater and baking updates. Yum! Sorry to hear the Beastie came down with a cold and an ear infection! We’ve got the same thing going on here – and the Critter also has tubes. It cleared up pretty quickly with the drops, thankfully. He also had pinkeye, so I’m REALLY glad that’s over with.
    Your poor eye! Hope you’re all better soon!

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