NaKniSweMoDo Update – Sweater 1, Day 11

Salina Back

I finished the back for Salina yesterday!  I am now a few inches into the sleeves.  We totally hibernated this weekend, which helps with the knitting progress.  I decided to do the sleeves (both at the same time) in between the front and the back for two reasons.  1. Sleeves are most often when I get stalled, so getting them out of the way is a good thing and 2. The front and back are essentially the same until you get to the top.  Doing them in a row might get boring.  Who am I kidding…the miles and miles of stockinette are pretty boring, but I am really loving the results.

I did have a scare this weekend.  My yarn closet is a mess and I was in there looking for the rest of the yarn for Salina.  I tore everything apart, still no yarn.  It wasn't until I pulled out a bag of organic cotton that I realized I had stuffed the yarn in the bottom of that bag.  For a second there, I was worried that I had used it on something else or given it away and just not remembered it!  Luckily, crisis averted, and sleeve knitting commenced.


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