Capturing Photos!

Picture 068-3

This is a picture I took at our friends' wedding last weekend.  It was a beautiful wedding and I had a lot of fun trying to capture some of the candid moments for them.  I know I love the candid photos from my wedding, and I hope they will enjoy these, too.

This weekend, I'm taking a Photography Course and I am nervous!  It is completely irrational to be nervous because the instructor is an old friend and it sounds like it will be pretty laid back.  I guess I'm just scared like I am when I try anything new, scared that I won't pick it up and that it will be a waste of time and money.  When I put all that aside, I hope it will help me to understand my equipment better (right now I just know how to use the automatic and the no flash settings of my camera) and what makes a good picture so that I can begin to improve my ability to take pictures.  It's funny because my dad is a photographer and I've never really had an interest.  But, the more I see pictures and treasure the moments they capture and am watching the kid grow before my very eyes in them, the more I want to be able to better capture those moments myself.  Anyway, wish me luck.  If it goes well, I'm considering jumping into 365.  We'll see!


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