Where’d that blonde hair come from?

In response to Betsy's comments (and comments that we get every day) and because I've been enjoying the flashback posts of others, I thought I would show you where the kid's blonde hair came from.  I was just going to send these to Betsy, but I thought others of you may enjoy it, too.

Christmas Tree

This is me with the Christmas tree we cut down.  I would guess that I'm around 5 in this picture, but Mom's reading this and could probably make a better guess.


The quality of this picture isn't the greatest, but this is from around the same age. I just love that red kitchen and my awesome early eighties outfit.

So, as you can see, I started out blonde, it just didn't last very long.  We're not sure what will happen with the kiddo because he also has blue eyes, which neither of us have.  Only time will tell!  Oh, and this kid couldn't deny his dad if he tried, so no exotic milkman stories here!  😉

The quilt is still not finished, but I have shown it to the recipient.  My deadline is September 13th, so I better get on it!


2 thoughts on “Where’d that blonde hair come from?

  1. HA HA!
    Wow, I was just expecting a little email response! You were a cute kid that is for sure. I started out with white hair. Now I have this wonderful combo of brown, mousier brown, some highlights and then the ever popular GREY!

  2. You were in preschool in the first one so that would make you 4 years old. You were just barely 2 in the 2nd picture. You loved helping in the kitchen for a brief amount of time. lol Our kitchen looked like a cafe with a red checked tablecloth, too. 🙂

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