The ‘burg

Last weekend we took our first overnight trip without the kiddo. We had each spent nights away from him but we hadn’t left him with anyone overnight. We decided we needed some alone time after all of the illness and surgeries we had this spring and summer so we left the kid at grandma and grandpa’s and headed to one of our favorite places..Fredericksburg, TX.

Without boring you with all the details, we ate a lot, visited some great vineyards, shopped on main steer and just relaxed. It was a much needed break! Here are a few pictures. The last one was the lounge at this near place on main street that was part furniture store part wine bar…interesting combo that worked!

The 'burg

The 'burg

The 'burg

The 'burg


2 thoughts on “The ‘burg

  1. You guys look refreshed! Glad you got away. Soon you will be able to do a week away without batting an eye.
    He’s getting so big! Such a darling.

  2. OK, I have a question, you have black hair, hubbster has black hair, where does the kiddo’s BLOND hair come form? Is the milk man blond? He is growing up so fast………so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!

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