Ever feel like life is living you instead of the other way around?  That's kind of how I've been feeling lately.  Things aren't bad, we've just had some growing pains with the kid (he wants to talk but can't, leading to great frustration) and busy times at work (for both of us) leaving me little brain power or desire for anything involving creativity.  Instead, I just want to sleep.  So, I'm trying to get back on it this week.

A few recent highlights –

  • I am still working on the quilt.  To be fair, after I showed it to the mother to be, I haven't really worked on it lately.  I have to get back on it this week because the baby is coming September 13th at the latest.  I just have a few more quilt lines to make and then the binding, so I'm close, right?
  • Last weekend we decided to attempt brisket and invite people over for labor day.  It was risky because if it turned out bad, we were going to have some unhappy guests on our hands, but it turned out wonderfully!  I was pleasantly surprised.
  • I turned 31 and the people at work did it up big, complete with lunch out, cool Vera Bradley gifts (a java blue message board and note cube, among other things) and an amazing cake (made to match the java blue Vera Bradley pattern).



  • I got the kid's picture taken last week…can I get a "ahhh…"  My friend Shauna does an amazing job.  You can see more pictures on her blog.  Four other pics of the kid are here.  We got 30 proofs total and I'm trying to decide what to order!2810664788_695fd8a797_o

Hopefully, I will find my creative side sometime soon and have more to share!


5 thoughts on “Living

  1. aw! your boy is super super cute!! concerning the communication issues, have you tried baby sign language? there are some great DVDs that you can get from amazon (“my baby can talk” series) and they really work. C started signing first and then when she got confident with communication she started speaking more words. i love it!
    happy birthday too!!! sounds like it was a lovely day!

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