A Weekend without Television

Okay, before you think I’ve completely lost my mind, hear me out.  In an effort to simplify (and save a little cash), we decided to ditch our satellite.  When we really thought about it, the only things we cared to watch are on network television, which we can get with an antenna on our television, or available through netflix or online, so last Wednesday was our last day with the satellite.  Plus, when I look back on 2007, I regret not reading more books.  Hopefully not having as many channels will help me remember to read more. 

Right now we only have our antenna connected to our bedroom television, so the only tv watching in the living room is on dvd or my laptop.  Here’s what I’ve learned from a weekend of not having the television on constantly (it’s still football season, I’m not about to ban television completely just yet).

  • I kind of like the quiet.
  • I love watching a season of a television series on DVD.  I watched disk one of one from Netflix and it was great fun to get to go to the next episode right away.
  • Normally, I spend a lot of time in the living room because the television is there.  This weekend, I cleaned my craft room a bit (still a ways to go in here) and I’m actually sitting in it, something I don’t think I’ve ever done.  I am usually only in my craft room to clean up the junk in here or to get something/use something for a specific project.  There’s lots of stuff I like in here.  I will be in here more often.
  • I get a lot more done if the television isn’t on.  Man, it really does suck you in, and I think it makes me more tired rather than helping me rest.  I went for an almost 20 mile bike ride, caught up on laundry (no easy feat, there was a ton of it…for such a little kid, he sure goes through the laundry), began cleaning my craft room, posted my stash to ravelry (still adding details there), went out to eat twice and to church, and there’s still Sunday evening to go!
  • Sometimes, if a netflix movie has just "sat" in your house for two months, there’s probably a reason.   I finally watched Pursuit of Happyness this weekend and, while it was not a bad movie, there was a bit too much sad and not enough happy for my taste. 

All in all, it was a good weekend and I’m happy with our decision to ditch the dish for now.   


6 thoughts on “A Weekend without Television

  1. i only watch a few shows on network TV and the rest are on cable. at this point, i would rather give up my mobile phone or netflix than cable! sad but true. the good thing is that the TV is rarely on during the day. sometimes i treat myself to a show during a nap time while i eat or knit but usually, i’m too busy to watch! 🙂

  2. Kudos to you for limiting the TV in your life! We’ve reduced the amount that we’re watching because we notice the Critter watching it. And we don’t want to raise the boy on that much TV! The writers’ strike is helping us out, too, since there’s not much worth watching these days anyway. The hubby gave me all 7 seasons of the West Wing on DVD, so that’s our primary watching these days.
    Congrats on getting so much done!

  3. Good for you! I too regret not reading as much last year and have made it an unofficial resolution. I’m not quite up for ditching cable, but I should make a concerted effort not to turn on the television unless there’s something on that I’m planning to watch.

  4. I’m a TV addict, but Adam doesn’t have one, and in the last year and a half plus, I’ve learned a lot about how much nicer life can be without one. You DO get more done and people in the same household actually spend more time together CONNECTING. Instead of watching TV, Adam and I read together (or I knit sometimes instead), play backgammon, eat candlelit meals and TALK TO EACH OTHER. When the TV is on, you spend time togehter, but NOT together, you know?
    DVD on TV is just as bad though (we know from experience!)…maybe worse!!! you can lose 5 hours a night to a season of LOST!!!! 😛
    If it weren’t for my job, which sort of requires me to have access to TV, I think I might be convinced to give mine up too!!! (except, I might not be ready for that JUST. YET.)

  5. When we were first married we decided to make do with the little 12″ black and white TV I had from college. It had no remote – you actually had to get up to change the volume or the channel. Along with the tiny TV we made the resolution not to watch much TV, if at all, in our first year of marriage. It was probably one of the best things we could have done, and it formed a habit that has served us well through the years. Now that our kids are older and enjoy watching sports on the weekends we do have the TV on more than we used to, but mostly just sports on the weekends, and little to nothing during the week. Someone told me once the greatest time waster was the TV, and I think that’s really true. So, bravo to your new habit-in-the-making! Enjoy the quietness, or what little of it there is now that the little man is in your lives!

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