Touch it Once

Part of my New Years theme/resolution/goal (whatever you want to call it) to simplify includes my new motto of only touching things once.  I worked with a guy once who took that approach to work paperwork and he was perhaps the most organized co-worker I’ve ever had.  Right now, it’s helping us keep the house clean.  This approach has kept dishes from piling up in the sink, a big problem at our house.  If you are touching it to put it in the sink, what’s stopping you from putting it in the dishwasher.  If it’s full of clean dishes, it gets emptied and then you can add your dirty one.  If you are touching your jacket to put it on the chair, put it in the closet where it belongs.  If you are touching the mail to bring it in the house, pay the bills and send them in or throw away the junk mail instead of piling it up.  Luckily, there is only one other member of the household who contributes to the mess (or at least one who can clean up after himself, goodness knows the kid makes plenty), and he’s bought into the plan for the most part, so our house is the cleanest it’s been in a long time.  Granted, it’s day 3 of our plan.  It takes what, 21 days to make a habit?  We’ve got a LONG way to go!


7 thoughts on “Touch it Once

  1. I am loving the sound of this plan! I just might try it at our house. We’re renting this gorgeous house on Lake Superior, and I really, really, really want to keep it as clean and tidy as possible. This “touch it once” plan just might be the ticket!

    Let me know how it catches on and your technique to getting hubby to keep it going. My BF touches things eleventymillion times WITH DIRTY HANDS! And his kid….do not get me started on that freak show!!!!!
    I shred/pay bills before I even pee when I get home. Makes it go wicked fast!!!!!!

  3. That’s a fantastic idea! I may just have to adopt this, too . . . would definitely cut down on the mountains of junk mail that I usually have to sort through!

  4. What a helpful way to think about things – I’ve never heard it expressed in such a way that makes sense, and makes you actually want to be that way.
    Thanks for sharing!

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