Same Stuff, Different Baby

Seaming has begun on my Technicolor Blanket, but it will be slow going.  There are a whole lotta ends involved, not to mention matching up stripes.  The goal is to finish it before the kid gets here in 10 weeks.  That should be manageable, especially as I am finding myself spending more time on the couch with the swollen feet and fun fatigue that comes with the third trimester of incubating a little beast. I’m still knitting baby stuff, though. One of the husband’s friends from work is expecting a little girl in a few weeks, so I couldn’t help but make an Upside Down Daisy hat from Itty Bitty Hats (my first project from this book).


The petal application is certainly not perfect, but I had a hard time making the petals fluffy while still making them small enough to all fit on the top of the hat! I also sewed them on backwards to what the instructions say, but I liked them better this way. They just seemed to "fit" better. I’ve stashed this one in the husband’s back to be delivered tomorrow and will be starting some more itty bitty hats on a business trip tomorrow.


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