Sometimes I’m more productive when I have more demands on my time.  This forces me to be focused, tasky, efficient.  But, right now is not one of those times.  Being done with school means I can just come home and knit and watch all the sweeps television (two words: Grey’s Anatomy, craziness).  I’m busy at work but leave that all behind in the evening and veg at the house.  All of this to explain why there are no pictures in this post: laziness.

I’m still working on my Jaywalker, about to turn the heel on the first one, but I’ve also been working ona  super secret project.  I have to wait until it is gifted to post it, so that doesn’t make for great blog fodder. 

Otherwise, just laziness.  I’ve used all my motivation on work and getting the house back in order after the thesis time warp that trapped me for the last few months.  Hopefully, a weekend with no plans will help me get my motivation back.  More then!


9 thoughts on “Laziness

  1. OMG GREY’S! sooo gooooooood! I bawled! SOBBED! sogood.
    And I agree with Carrie, you DESERVE IT! SLACK!
    (although I TOTALLY know what you mean about being sooo productive when your schedule is JAM PACKED and soooo not when you have a TON of free time! Why IS thaT?)

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