Back to the Hotel

After the party it’s the afterparty…After the festival it’s the afterfestival, and festive it was.  We had a little gathering at our place the evening after sheep & wool, comlplete with pizza, drinks in fun pink glasses, and other assorted entertainment.  I was so busy having fun that I forgot to take pictures, so I will simply tell you that a very smart Snargle friend of ours thought to bring a ballwinder and swift.  Here’s a blurry action shot of Frecklegirl in winding action.


After much laughter with our roomies and guests (thanks for coming!) and slumber party style talking when we were supposed to be sleeping, we finally crashed out.  The next morning meant a big breakfast at Bob Evans where we enjoyed our last few minutes of knitterly love.

Lara did a little dance…


Frecklegirl and Kate did "The Maya"…


And, people just generally looked entirely too cute for that early in the morning (everyone else looked cute at breakfast, too, I just didn’t get a picture of them all!)…

Maya, Jessica, Betsy, & Kate


Jen, Heather & Sarah


Then, we said goodbye.  To all my Homewood Suites Girls, I would just like to say it was a pleasure to room with you.  It was amazing to see twelve different women of completely different backgrounds to come together and get along relatively smoothly with the one unifying variable between all of us being the knitting.  It was super duper cool.

While at the airport, the opportunity to get bumped came up and I jumped on it!  I got a flight voucher that I hope to use for RHINEBECK!  I just have to wait and see what the schedule for the fall will be at work and then I’ll be able to say for sure.  And, I got an extra couple of hours of knitting time in the airport where I continued to work on the project I started Saturday night with my new yarn from Ellen’s 1/2 Pint Farm (colors much brighter in real life).



7 thoughts on “Back to the Hotel

  1. Was I really doing a little dance? What about, you think? I look at that pic and think, “Crackin’ CHEEESE, Grommit!”
    The jaywalker, she is lookin’ goood!

  2. I’m seeing that many folks purchased sock yarn from Ellen’s 1/2 Pint. Next year, I must remember to buy some to try it.
    Congrats on being bumped! Free roundtrip air tix is always good stuff!

  3. I’ve never been so happy to hear that anyone was bumped off of a flight!
    It is extremely cool how we all get along so well and we are all SO different, and also SO alike. Zen. Pure Zen.
    You are a fantasic woman, one of the best things to come out of Texas!

  4. Jess doing “the maya” makes it look like I’m quite the freak. oh well..
    I always hope for the opportunity to be bumped. So far, it’s not come my way yet.
    You’re super cool! Hope we can room together again at Rheinbeck!

  5. Awwwwwwwww, it is all coming back to me know. OMG is that Celine Dion I just quoted?
    Slap your grandma (Now that is Trace Adkins)
    Anyhoo – we all did get along great didn’t we???? We so have to do this again soon.
    Miss ya

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