Good Day!

It’s a good day!  I got some unexpected time off work today, returned some clothes and got more money back than I thought I would, and got to go out to eat with the husband for lunch.  This afternoon, I will go out with some friends to celebrate my Master’s Graduation…all in all, a great day!

I thought I’d take advantage of the extra time to show you my Maryland purchases.  I was so busy telling you all about the people, I forgot about the yarn!  So, here’s what I purchased…


First, let me tell you about what is not pictured above.  Kate and I were pretty targeted shoppers, so once we discovered that the Socks that Rock had been sold out, we headed to the main barn in search of Morehouse Merino.  On the way, the sock yarn at Ellen’s Half Pint Farm caught our eyes.  There were so many beautiful colors to choose from, but I chose a pink and teal colorway that is slowly becoming Jaywalkers.  I’ve finished more than this picture, but this gives you an idea of the color.


Once we made it to the Morehouse booth, I bought this skein of Morehouse Merino to make a simple feather and fan scarf. 


When we finished in the main barn, we decided to head over to Tess Designer Yarns.  My biggest regret from last year’s purchase was not buying something from Tess.  There are such beautiful things there, but I settled on two superwash sock yarns.  The first one will become a baby sweater and the next one will be socks.



Finally, Anne Marie had found some Zephyr Yarn at a booth in the Main Barn, so I headed there after lunch, but instead of the Zephyr, this soy silk yarn jumped out at me. I got two skeins that will become some sort of summery wrap. 


And that’s it!  I was impressed with my restraint.  In even better news, it’s looking more and more like I’ll be able to go to Rhinebeck, so there will be more fun and purchases.


3 thoughts on “Good Day!

  1. oh, fun stuff! 🙂
    I got a ton of sock yarn at ellen’s 1/2 pint farm last year. Yummy stuff. The Tess’ looks heavenly, too. 🙂

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