Poncho Count – 3


So, I survived the poncho madness. I do have one more poncho to finish, but I don’t have all the yarn for that one, so I can’t work on it yet. Above you will see Angela on the left and Caroline on the right both thrilled with their poncho acquisition. I am wearing Audrey, which was also fun. We went on a tour of homes type thing on Saturday. It was a charity event and it was rather neat to see how the other half live and to get Christmas decorating ideas. Oh, and the third poncho went home to it’s owner on Friday. I haven’t heard how she liked it and probably won’t know until they get back from their trip out of the country in January.

Fringing was not so bad on the last two. I had an assembly line of sorts going. I started and finished the third one on Friday (yes, crazy, I know). I fringed both of them before I went to bed Friday night and got up a bit early on Saturday morning to complete the knots in the fringe. I am pleased with how they turned out and got lots of compliments on them on Saturday from people I don’t know, so they don’t have to say nice things to me just because.

Now we’re back to the super secret project. I am still where I was a week ago on it, but will be working full force the next two weeks to finish it up. Push come to shove, I have three days off work before we leave for the holidays. It may be spent knitting and assembling, but I hope I can make plenty of progress before then so that won’t be necessary.


7 thoughts on “Poncho Count – 3

  1. Hi Sarah,
    I am loving the pictures ot your Yarn Harlot ponchos-the red or maroon and dark colored one. I noticed that they look shorter, is this true. Also, is the yarn worsted? What size needles did you use.
    I have having an awful time making mine. I chose a fluffy Patons yarn and it is turning out so big. Mind you I am not tiny, so you can imagine how big.
    I sure could use your help if you don’t mind.
    ((((((((HUGS))))))) Joan

  2. Hi Sarah,
    I love your Yarn Harlot ponchos. They are so pretty and look great on. Can you tell me if you used worsted yarn? Did you use different size needles than she said to use? (I am looking at the red (or maroon) one and the dark blue one). And did you shorten them?
    I am having an awful time getting my poncho right. I am using a Patons fluffy type yarn and the neck is huge and it looks like it is going to be humongous when finished. Mind you I am not a small gal, but it is truly too big.
    Would you mind answering my questions to get me on the right track.
    ((((((HUGS)))))) Joan

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