Do you ever get stuck on a song?  I’m one of "those people" who gets stuck on a few songs at a time and cannot tire of them.  Until I tire of them and move on to some others.  I try to restrain myself and not listen to them so much that I can’t stand them anymore but sometimes, I just repeat them over and over.  Right now, I’m stuck on "Answer" by Sarah McLachlan (you can hear it by going here and entering her site). I’m also playing my holiday favorites, which this year are "Song for a Winter’s Night" also by Sarah McLachlan and "The Christmas Song" by Dave Matthews Band (it’s not the Christmas song you’re thinking of).  I love the classic Christmas songs, but these two are a bit off of the beaten track which make me feel like I have discovered a secret.  What’s your soundtrack like right now?

In the midst of the music, I’m trying to restrain myself.  The new Knitty came out and I can’t stop thinking about Mariah and Wave, among other things that I love but don’t know if they’d be as practical.  My resolve has remained intact, so far.  It will be nice to reward myself for all the Christmas knitting by picking up one of these. 


4 thoughts on “Soundtracks

  1. I so want to knit Mariah as well as the rest of blogland. My guess is after the holidays there will be a knit along! The gauge works with Peruvian Wool on elann. I get paid Friday and will be buying some I’m sure.

  2. The other day when I kept repeating song #3 on the Tilly and the Wall cd…Carrie pointed out that obsessively listening to one song is so OCD. I’m trying to get up to two songs. I ordered the new Cake cd from Amazon. I’m sure I will listen to that over and over when it arrives.

  3. I definitely get hooked on songs that I can listen to over and over (and over and over) again. OCD? Probably. But I like the songs!
    One example off the top of my head – “Konstantine” by Something Corporate. I got it on a mix CD swap by a random partner. She said in the letter that she almost left it off because it’s 9 minutes long, but it’s the best 9 minutes! There’s a couple of others… I also love Song for a Winter’s Night by yet another Sarah. 🙂

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