Story of my week

I took pictures of the ponchos for you, but my camera is in the car and my car is way across the parking lot and I’m wearing heels.

I went to the post office yesterday and waited in line for 30 minutes only to discover that it would cost more to ship the package than what the package is worth.  I still have the package and resolving the situation is still on my "to do" list.  It’s glaring at me from my back seat, when I’m in my car, which is across the parking lot.

Last night my husband said "does your knitting have to take up the whole couch?"  Right now it’s taking up the entire house.  There are yarn bits everywhere from the poncho making factory that I have going.  I’m still at 2 ponchos finished, how is that?  Well, I counted them finished before the fringing.  And, I had to extend the length on one, so I have one completely finished, one with no fringe and one on the needles.  I really want to get the count to 3 by tommorow morning because then I’ll only have one left and I have to find more yarn for that one, so I may get to take a poncho break.

I have gotten 0% completed on the super secret project.  Not good.

So, as you can see, it’s been one of those weeks when you feel like you’ve been really busy but have gotten nothing done.  My blog reflects that so it’s not real exciting around here.  Pictures of the ponchos and maybe of some of my weekend festivities on Monday.


3 thoughts on “Story of my week

  1. You are a PONCHO MACHINE! Don’t underestimate the fringe time. Carrie and I were frantically finishing the fringe on JoAnna’s graduation poncho…DURING THE GRADUATION CEREMONY after working on it in the car and at Starbucks as well.
    Do we have to wait ’til after Christmans to hear about the super secret project? Doh!

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