I’m having a little problem focusing at work. I really need to get my act together because I’m going to be out all week next week. I’m going on VACATION! I just can’t wait. We’re going to South Padre Island for a few days and then we’ll come back and just chill out for the rest of the time we have off. It’s going to be very nice. I’m working on completing my openwork tank in time, but man it’s harder than it looks. It’s not that it’s difficult necessarily, it’s that it takes a little longer than stockinette. I’m figuring out little tricks as I go to make it easier but I’m only about 3 inches into it and have to get to 11 inches before I can start the top part. Send fast knitting vibes.

In unrelated news, my mom is hopefully joining me in the land of homeowners today and buying a house! Congratulations, Mom!


One thought on “Daydreaming…

  1. Thanks for the congrats! I am excited.
    Have a great time on your vacation. You and Jason both need the time off.

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