A Hole In The Head

Did your mom ever use that expression? “You need a _________ like you need a hole in the head.” Well, I need a new project like I need a hole in the head. But, I’m going to South Padre next week (leaving on Saturday) and I really want something new to wear on the beach. So, I’m making the openwork tank (pattern #1) from the summer Vogue Knitting. I’m very excited. I’m making it in light blue microspun which I got on sale this week for $2 a skein. You just can’t beat a $8 tank top! I’m hoping to make it in time to wear it on Sunday or Monday so wish me luck. I just cast on last night. Needless to say, Audrey is on hold for a bit longer.

Oh, and thanks for the Birch compliments! I’m still excited about it!


4 thoughts on “A Hole In The Head

  1. Realized I forgot to tell you how gorgeous you look in the dress and Birch! I am not surprised all your friends wanted something knit!

  2. My mom used the “hole in the head” phrase, and I’m afraid that I do, too. My mother also used to tell us that she’d “pound bumps on our head” if we did something we weren’t supposed to. Her own kids knew what was meant by that, but apparently some of my cousins were fairly terrorized!

  3. I wish we could get lionbrand yarns here in Canada. It is not offered here in Walmart, unless you go in one day and get lucky! Can’t wait to see it!

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