Open for Business

openwork_tankThe Openwork Tank is moving right along, at the speed of a turtle, but I think I’m finally picking up speed. It has just taken a little while to get my gauge to work out so that it is possible to do k2tog without injuring my hands. I knit too tightly sometimes, I’m afraid. My husband doesn’t believe that I will wear something this revealing, not even on the beach, so I’m out to surprise him. I’m going to get some knitting in today while making phone calls at work and then I will have a 6 hour car ride to work on it, so hopefully I’ll finish it in time to wear it while we’re still on vacation. I’ve made it a few inches farther than indicated in the progress picture.

Tonight, we get to go to happy hour with some friends (yay) and then we should leave tommorow for the beach. We have the beach house keys in hand and are very much looking forward to getting there. I don’t know if we’ll have internet access, but if we do, I will update ya. Otherwise, I might be out until next Wednesday or Thursday. Have a great weekend! In the words of Rachael, Mwah!


4 thoughts on “Open for Business

  1. where did you get the pattern from for the openwork tank? it’s beautiful. have a great vacation!

  2. Hi Secret Pal! Yes it is me your Secret Pal from the North. I have more gifts to come your way but wasn’t sure when you would be home so I wanted to wait. Please let me know when you are back in residence so I can send them on.

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