A New Day

Whew! Am I glad that I am over that mood from last week! Sorry you had to live through that with me. I think a lot of it was just dreading this weekend, but it went really well!* My work event was spectacular and we had a great time (spending a lot of it chillin’ out) with my Dad. We re-potted my plants, since he knows a lot about house plants, and he bought me a new one. It’s a beautiful ivy in a really fun pot. I’ll have to show it to you sometime. We also went to our favorite discount bookstore and I got a cross-stitch book. I am excited about picking that up again on the side. There were some really fun patterns in it and the price was right! I almost bought Irresistible Knits (the book that Erica talked about last week), but I showed some restraint for now and will probably go get it next weekend. There were several copies. Last night we used our grill for the first time and I worked on afghan squares. I apologize to all you No Sweat knitters for putting those down this weekend, but I will pick them up again this week!

I did get some fun mail last week and in the midst of my difficult mood, I didn’t show you pictures! I only have one with me, but it is a great natural light shot that is pretty true to the colors (taken on my window seat).
This is Calmer in Pool and All Seasons Cotton in Sizzling and Gay. The Calmer will be for the Audrey-along and the All Seasons Cotton will probably turn into a couple of tank tops. I have one bag (ten balls) of each. I’m still on the look-out for the patterns I want to use it with but I am also still planning to order the new Rebecca and the new Vogue Knitting should be out soon (if it’s not already).

This weekend my husband and I began to see the light at the end of the tunnel. This summer neither of us are taking classes. We are already planning to cook out more and maybe go on a few mini-vacations. No classes equals more knitting time (yippee!). So, I just have to hold on until the beginning of May. I think I can keep it together until then.

*have you noticed that you can tell my mood by the amount of “!” I use? 🙂


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