Doing Nothing Well

Please excuse my mood today, it’s not the greatest. I’m kinda in a slump right now. I think I alluded to this earlier in the week, I just feel like I have lots of things going on and I’m not giving any of them the time they deserve. Spring semester has always been the most difficult for me to get through. I think it’s because summer is so close and at this point in the year I am yearning for something different. I am tired of work and tired of school and just want to sit around my house for a few days.

Oh well, that’s not going to happen. My dad is visiting this weekend so tonight will be devoted to straightening the house (and maybe a bit of homework) and then I work Friday night and Saturday morning and will spend the rest of the weekend hanging out with him. Next weekend, though, we have no plans. I am hoping to keep it that way because by that time I am going to be seriously behind in the homework department. So maybe I can devote one day to homework and the rest to chilling out.

Anyway, I do have good news! I arrived home yesterday to find a big bag of yarn all the way from England! My Colourway order came in! I’ll have pics for you tommorow. This means that I can start Audrey at the same time as the rest of the knit-along. I practiced amazing self-restraint last night, though, and did not start swatching any of it. I think I’m going to hide it away in my little yarn closet until I wrap up some of the things that are on the needles (and until I find a use for 20 balls of all seasons cotton). 🙂

I know sometimes you just have to make a decision to be happy and not overwhelmed, so I’m working on getting to that place. If I discover a shortcut, I’ll let you know. I’ve never been very good with directions!


2 thoughts on “Doing Nothing Well

  1. I now what you mean about trying to be happy. I find my unhappiness comes from over scheduling and saying yes to everything. Then I see the long list of to-dos and freak! I also need to stop and count my blessing everyday, sooo much to be thankful for.
    I agree with the comment on secret pal, it’s so hard not to blab about your ideas on your blog! Wasn’t Sandy the greatest for doing this?

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