I Can’t Say It

I am the anti-yarn diet girl. I say if you want yarn, buy yarn. But, I am about to subject myself to a yarn diet (say it isn’t so!). Diet is such an ugly word. I think it would be better to call it a hiatus or a vacation from yarn purchasing; a sabbatical if you will. You see, we’re going on vacation this summer (still working all of the details out, but it’s looking more and more like it is going to happen). I will hopefully spend a grand week at one of those all-inclusive places in Cozumel, Mexico enjoying beaches and swimming pools and shopping and just generally chilling out. It looks to be great fun. The only catch is that we have to afford it. And the fact that we just bought a house is not helping that situation any. So, my husband and I are giving up our allowances, his is the paintball allowance and mine is the yarn allowance. Our allowances will be promptly deposited into the vacation fund. In the spirit of this vacationing for a vacation, here are the projects that I have yarn in my possession to work on.

*Zoe – A Karabella pattern using Karabella Zodiac, I am almost finished with the back; front and cap sleeves still to go
*Koigu socks – In a great green and purple colorway
*Tank tops and Bucket O Chics – I have some Microspun, cotton from the Stash Redistribution project, some purple Sinfonia cotton, and (as if that weren’t enough) two bags of All Seasons Cotton headed my way
*Audrey – My Calmer is also incoming
*Spare yarns for charity knitting – including the Mason Dixon Afghan-Along and Critter Knitters Knitalong
*A felted bag or two- I think I might make Sophie from MagKnits
*One more flower washcloth from Weekend Knits

As you can see, I will not go without knitting. The only exceptions to this hiatus will be if I need more yarn for any of the aforementioned projects or if I need needles to complete those projects. And if by some miracle of speed knitting I run out of yarn (yeah right), I can buy some more. Otherwise, the yarn allowance is cut off. It will all be worth it when I’m walking the beaches of Cozumel in my newly knitted tank tops, right?


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