Long Weekend

I had plans for the weekend and at the last minute they fell through. I ended up going to happy hour with my husband and some folks from his work on Friday. Happy hour turned into happy five hours! We stayed at the restaurant for five hours. It was a lot of fun but we were both hurting a bit on Saturday. Saturday I had to work for a bit and then we visited some sporting goods stores. I want to get a road bike, but I think we’re going to wait a little while due to our lack of time at this point. School starts this week, so time is going to be limited once again. Yesterday, my husband played paintball (his expensive hobby) and I stayed home all day. I worked out for a little while, I did a whole lot of knitting and straightened up our poor little trashed apartment. Today will be just as relaxing. We’re just heading out to see the progress on our house and then I need to work on some things to get ready for my thesis process which will start this semester.

So, on the knitting front, I have almost finished the ribby shell. I finally got a daylight picture so you can see the ribbing on it. It’s hard to capture the ribbing in the black yarn.
Since this picture, I’ve finished one side of the neckline and shoulder shaping. One side to go and I will start on the back. I thought I’d make this first side the back but I had time yesterday and since I sort of made up the neckline based on reading several patterns I decided to go ahead and tackle the neckline. I think it’s turning out well, so far. Back to knitting. 🙂


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