Meeting My Goals

the wind-up
I ordered a ball winder! I am so excited about making progress on my goal of acquiring more useful knitting tools. I’m also building my needle selection with my order of size one circular needles. I’m spending my allowance for January as fast as it hits my account. Speaking of fun knitting tools, have you guys seen these fun needle holders? I’ve seen similar ones, but these have places where you can label the contents and all sorts of fun fabrics. More fun knitting temptation!

the pitch
If you live in New York or Houston or lots of places in between, you know that Houston is building quite a pitching line-up. We already had Andy Pettitte and we’ve added Roger Clemens. I’m not a huge sports fan, but I do enjoy a good game, so I’m looking forward to a very fun season of Astros games this spring.

home run
I stayed home tonight from the s-n-b because I was feeling a bit more low key. I also wanted to watch Friends, how lame is that, but true. So, we worked out (I made it 40 minutes on the bike, a long time for me) and now I’m enjoying some knitting and tv time. I’m hoping to begin the armhole shaping tonight on the ribby shell. I want to make some progress on the shell so I can also finish my second sock before I get too tempted with the Koigu I just ordered. It will make my first sock made on two circulars. Fun stuff!


6 thoughts on “Meeting My Goals

  1. Sarah, that’s funny — I was just drooling over Megan’s needles cases yesterday! Note to self: Keep checking back to find out when she’s offering straight needle cases again. Aren’t they beautiful?

  2. Sarah, please try to take pics of the progress of the ribby shell again. I’d love to see how it’s coming along. Also, I didn’t see prices on those needle holders?

  3. i totally try to plan my week to being home on thurs nights. i love must-see-tv. nothing wrong with that.
    i am from nyc and was of course sad to hear of petite and clemens decisions and am not a big baseball fan too but loved watching both of them…so enjoy!

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