Picture Imperfect

the ribby shell story
I tried to capture pictures for you all last night of the progress on my ribby shell, but they didn’t turn out. It is very difficult for the ribbing to show up in the black fabric. Part of it is that I’m not often home during the week when it’s actually daylight outside, making natural lighting pictures very difficult. So, unfortunately, you’ll have to wait until this weekend when I can take some pics in the daylight. That said, I am about 12″ into the Ribby Shell and loving it! I just have a few inches to go before I start the armhole decreases. I’m hoping to have the back finished and get started on the front this weekend.

weekend festivities
This weekend should be an interesting one. I’m still not sure exactly how things are going to go, but I am supposed to go to Louisiana with a friend and her sisters on Saturday evening. They are taking one of the sisters out to a casino for her birthday. It should be a fun little getaway! I also get Monday off for the holiday, so Sunday and Monday will be recovery time. Also, I have to work for a little while on Saturday, but it should be pretty easy. I would say I’m ready for some down time, but I have had down time each evening this week. What I’m really ready for is some catch-up time. I let the house get a little crazy this week, so now I need to get control.

There’s a knitting get together tonight as there is every Thursday night. I know that if I can just motivate myself to go, I will have a great time. I’ve been once before and loved it. Now, to get my tail off the couch and get to Starbucks! This will be my last chance of the semester to go easily because I have classes on Thursday nights starting next week. I’m actually excited about classes. I think I manage my time more effectively when I have more to do.


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