Baby It’s Cold Outside

Those of you in more northern places will laugh at that statement, but it did get down in the 30’s today which is cold for us southern Texans. It was a bit cool but beautiful. We went out to see our house (which we’re in the process of building) and went out to eat. Being outside a bit gave me the opportunity to wear my calmer hat. So, I thought I’d share a picture. It was almost on it’s way to the frog pond but I think it’s going to be a keeper. What do you think?


I also finished the front of the ribby shell. I made it a v-neck and think the straps will be just the right width. The true test will be when I finish the back and put that puppy on. I also need to decide on a method for cleaning up the edges. For my boatneck shell, I picked up stitches, but it had some issues around the neckline. Of course, I was also picking them up incorrectly, so maybe if I pick them up in the right way, it will turn out okay. I’ve also considered crocheting the edges. Any wisdom you can impart would be helpful. Oh, and here’s a picture. Sorry, it’s not the best pic, I used the last bit of daylight here in Houston and (silly me) took the picture against our dark table, which didn’t help matters.



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