Back to Work

Oh, this weekend was so nice. We haven’t had a weekend in a while all to ourselves and we took full advantage of it for some relaxation time. I did a lot of knitting and football watching. My husband joined me for some shopping and playing my new playstation2 game (SSX3, snowboarding). Otherwise, we did start working out again yesterday. We didn’t make it up this morning because we had trouble falling asleep last night, since we did so much of nothing this weekend. Anyway, I’m working on a new project. The second sock syndrome is yet to be tackled but I’ll get to it soon. I hope to conquer it before Threadybear. My new project is a tank to prepare for the upcoming (in Houston it’s coming sooner than you think) spring and summer. I have morphed two of Bonne Marie’s excellent patterns together. I am making the Boatneck Shell again, but it is modified this time using the stitch pattern from the 2x2x3x1 Ribby Cardie. So, it’s a Ribby Shell. I have some shells with ribbing that I have purchased and really like them, so I thought I would try it myself. We’ll see how it goes. I’m using Cotton Fleece in Cavern (black) which is an absolute pleasure to work with and I’m about halfway finished with the back. Ribbing always seems to take me awhile so it’s kinda slow going, but I have a doctor’s appointment today which equals lots of waiting room knitting time. Happy Work Week! 🙂


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