My So-Called Simple Life

Okay, so I’ve avoided watching The Simple Life, but tonight I watched The Simple Life Reunion. Did I watch it to see Paris and Nicole’s latest fashions? Did I watch it to see the nice little backwoods family? No, I watched it to see if I knew anyone in the audience. Embarrassing, I know. I grew up about twenty minutes from Forth Smith and about 45 minutes from Altus (where the show was taped). I would love to say that the show is an exaggeration, but it’s not really that far from “reality”.

Some people would say that we’re each made up of the sum of our experiences. As for me, I still get a taste of the drawl when it’s late at night. I will always remember my childhood of playing in the creek out by my house and making houses out of rocks on the hill beside my friend’s house. And, I have a huge appreciation for fried okra. But, I must say, I wonder how my life would be different had I stayed there through High School. I learned so much when I moved, making new friends, meeting people that were from vastly different backgrounds, and travelling to different places. However, I learned from my time as a “country girl”, too, the lessons are just different. It’s interesting to take some time to look at where you have come from and dream about where you’re going.

For now, I’m enjoying some knitting veg time in front of a guilty pleasure, America’s Top Model! More knitting updates when I have more to report.


2 thoughts on “My So-Called Simple Life

  1. I watched the Reunion……just to see if I knew anyone there, too. I kind of got annoyed because it seemed like they were making fun of some of the people….like the convenience store guy. But I got to thinking that I was annoyed because I related so much to the people on the show so I felt like they were making fun of my friends!!

  2. Sarah, having all different kinds of life experiences is wonderful! You will always be glad you had that childhood to carry with you through your new life experiences. I bet it’s a great place for a kid to be a kid.

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