Crafty Girl

Somehow I think I’m super girl sometimes and that I have an infinite amount of time to start new projects. What am I thinking? Well, today, I’m thinking that I want to pick up cross-stitching again. I ran across this book, Creative Cross Stitch, and it had so many great ideas for things you can make with cross stitch. Just a week or so ago I discovered that I have a plethora of embroidery thread still filed in a couple of little thread storage boxes from a couple of years ago. So, I may pick up cross stitching again, just for little things. When I start big ones, I rarely finish them making little items are the order of the day. I am most excited by my discovery that you can cross stitch greeting cards! How cool is that? You buy little frame cards and put the cross stitch in the center, so you have a cute little cross stitched card. I think I may create cross stitch valentines this year, as a small place to start again. Oh, and I’d love to embroider tablecloths, napkins or towels for the kitchen and guest room of the new house. Dream big, start small. I’m going to take a little trip to Barnes and Noble to peruse the knitting and cross stitching books and magazines with my husband tonight, for some inspiration. At some point this weekend, the knitting organization will occur and the second sock will be cast-on. I’m feeling particularly productive, probably because school doesn’t start for another week and a half and therefore, I am undistracted by academics. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Crafty Girl

  1. I love to cross stitch! But, you are right, we don’t have enough hours in the day to do all of the things we want to do! By the way, love the hat!

  2. you can also use cross stitch grid patterns for duplicate stitching on your stockinette knitting… it’s great for the fronts of sweaters or mittens, hats, etc!

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