Yarn Parade

brought to you by Threadbear Fiber Arts and One Stitch Short

I returned home from a long week on the road to find this in my living room.


Granted, I knew it would be here, but I still got excited when I saw it. I tore into it like a kid on Christmas morning and found the following yarn that will soon take the form of Christmas gifts. Welcome to the Yarn Parade, broadcast live from Houston, Texas…

Starting off the festivities, we have some lovely Noro Kureyon in color #95. I have heard so much about Noro yarns but never seen them in real life. The colors and textures definitely live up to their great reputation. This Kureyon will soon become a Booga Bag for a yet-to-be-determined recipient.


Following closely behind, we have another lovely felted entry, which you will find is quite a theme. This is a skein of Cascade 220 in a very bold #7814 and two skeins of Fizz in color #7226. It will become a slightly felted scarf for one of my sisters using a free pattern from www.straw.com.


Next, we have a little school spirit. These skeins of Brown Sheep Lamb’s Pride Worsted (in colors 14 and 68- green and gold) will be transformed into a pair of fuzzy feet in my step-sister’s school colors. She just started college and these should come in handy for running around in her residence hall.


The softest yarn of the bunch is missing a pattern. I’m hoping to invent some way to make it into a wondermous scarf for my mother in law. It is Inca Alpaca in color #1135 and incredibly soft. I am going to love to handle this yarn. 🙂 T-Bone (my mini-schnauzer) also enjoys this yarn. We put it on the floor, along with the other yarn, and he picked it up and carried it away. That was very strange behavior for him so there must be something about that alpaca.


Another entry in the Noro Family is a perfect match for its recipient. This is Noro Silk Garden in #82 destined to take the shape of a multi-directional scarf for my friend Stephanie. The colors are so “her”.


We are nearing the end of the parade with a very festive “float”. This is Musique in color #9168 and Fizz in color #7122. Yet another scarf using a free pattern from www.straw.com.


Marching to the conclusion of this parade, we have the perfect pouch from Amy. The yarn is Noro Kureyon in # 88. It will probably be for my step-mom depending on how it turns out and if I’m able to part with it. 🙂


This concludes our yarn parade but only begins the fun of knitting, felting and giving that will be associated with the upcoming holidays. Many thanks to Rob and Matt for helping me with project ideas and color selections. I better get going…

*disclaimer – all attempts were made at color accuracy, but some pictures may vary from reality*


3 thoughts on “Yarn Parade

  1. OMG… I cannot convey to you how jealous I am of your shopping spree. You are a lucky, lucky woman who is going to be very busy knitting and felting for a long time to come. Have Fun! If you are overwhelmed, feel free to send some of that yarn to me! 🙂 BTW, you are going to love using Kureyon for felting… it’s sooo pretty.

  2. Wow, how exciting! I’m considering ordering some Kureyon too, so I’m glad to hear that you’re happy with it. (I’ve never seen it in real life either.) And thanks for the link to free scarf patterns. 🙂

  3. Thanks for letting me come to the parade! What GORGEOUS yarns! I am envious! Beautiful! Also, thanks for the link to straw.com…. wonderful free patterns. I bet you had so much fun opening that box!

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