Too Close To Home

my backyard
The war has entered my backyard. I don’t want to open a political can of worms, but this is what is on my mind. My best friend from high school is in “the desert” as he says it. He is travelling so he cannot contact us right now. The last couple of days, I cannot help but think of him. It’s like Joan of Arcadia where God is in everyone she sees, only my friend is in everyone I see. I see him in the Veteran’s Day tributes. I see him in the news on radio and television. I see him in the West Point recruiting table next to me at a college fair. Everywhere I am reminded that he is currently away from his wife and a part of dangerous history. I just never thought I would have friends who went to war and I know others are more closely impacted than I am by all of this. Then, last night, I discovered that my friend’s husband will ship out in December. He is on orders for 18 months and has a small baby who will not know him when he returns. It’s just crazy and makes my problems and daily life seem so trivial.

my blogland
Just a little news from blogland. Teresa, Wendy and Deb have started a holiday contribution to Heifer International. It is a really neat idea and something I plan to participate in, even if I may only be able to give a small contribution at this point. Every little bit helps. Also, Alison has started a Christmas gift knit-along to help all of us stay on task with our Christmas presents. Right now I can think of 8 presents I need to make: slippers for my step-sister, scarf and hat for my other step-sister, bag for my sister, bag for my step-mom, scarf for my MIL, scarves for two friends, and a stocking for another friend. I would love to make some of the washcloths from Weekend Knits and the new Interweave Knits, as well, and put together some bath baskets, but I’m going to get my other gifts finished and work on those if I have time. I can always save that idea for birthdays next year. I’m excited about making Christmas gifts but am rather afraid I will use my knitting ability for this Christmas and then people will be tired of the things I can knit. Maybe they won’t though. I really like making presents and knitting is a great tool for that. Well, I must sleep now as I have a full day tommorow. I’m off to sleep in my hotel sheets which are 60% cotton and 40% sandpaper.


2 thoughts on “Too Close To Home

  1. What a good blogger you have been lately 🙂 I bet it will feel so good to get into your own bed in your nice soft sheets. Sorry about your friend…. I kn ow it worries you a lot. I can’t imagine my husband not being here to watch our children grow when they were babies.

  2. I sent you an e-mail about Peace Fleece. I would be happy to send you a little bit so you can get a feel for the yarn.
    Thanks for visiting my blog.

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