Good Day

Just a quick post to tell you about my day. I didn’t get the pictures taken before it got dark that I wanted to post, so those will have to wait until tommorow. Today I took the day off. I have a lot of comp time coming to me due to the travelling I have been doing for work, so I decided to take advantage of a bit of it. I slept in late, watched a bit of daytime television (a total guilty pleasure when you don’t do it all that often) and went grocery shopping. The mission of the day was to straighten the house and have a romantic dinner for the husband when he got home. I had been mean to him yesterday and figured that was a great way to apologize. I moved the table into the living room (we don’t really have a dining room, so the table is usually covered with computer stuff in the office) and had candles lit to show the china that I had set the table with. We haven’t used our china since we got married a year and a half ago and I decided it was about time. He was very surprised and we had a great dinner with salad, french bread, steak and baked potatoes. He had a beer and I had a glass or two of wine (which totally went to my head) and later we’ll have dessert of brownies with hot fudge sundae blue bell ice cream. Blue bell doesn’t mean much if you live outside of Texas or some of the surrounding southern states. It is one of the best ice creams. We aren’t what you would call a “romantic” couple, but a little romance every once in a while is good for ya. Anyway, it was a great ending to a wonderful day (which will be capped off with a little bachelor finale watching, go Kelli Jo!). In the midst of all of this, I didn’t get much knitting done but hope to finish the multi-directional scarf tonight. All that remains is weaving in ends and fringe. Then, the next project is the Musique and Fizz scarf, which should be very quick on big needles. Hope you all had a great day, too!

P.S. Okay, so Kelli Jo didn’t win, but sometimes the ending can be happy even if it’s not what you expected. Oh, how I need to watch less television. 🙂


3 thoughts on “Good Day

  1. What a nice evening! I had predicted Kelli Jo the entire time…. I was very surprised too, but the new couple does seem very cute and happy together.

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