Good Day!

grover may survive…
Sorry for the delay in the Grover reveal. I washed it to smooth out the ridge around the pocket and stretch out the sleeves a bit. I think it may survive. It’s drying in my kitchen on a drying rack and I’m hoping it will be dry enough tonight so I can install the zipper. I may not wear it as much as I had hoped to, but I do have a close fitting turtleneck that it should fit over just fine, so grover should see some action as soon as it’s cool enough (geez that sounded bad). 🙂

conjunction junction, what’s your function?
No real reason for that title, except that I feel like I’ve been functioning very effectively the last couple of days. When I’m on the ball, I always wonder why I get lazy and fall behind on things. It only makes things worse. The good news of the day is that I got an A on my mid-term! Woo Hoo! The mid-term is like 40 % of the grade so if I’m able to do well on my paper, then I will have secured an A! Yippee Skippee! Well, back to work…pics of Grover will be posted the minute that the zipper is installed, so Teresa (and whoever else) can give me her honest opinion on how it looks!


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