Girl in the Hood

Grover is almost finished. Who knew that it would take FOREVER to complete the hood? It seemed to keep going and going and going. But, it’s finished. Then, I seamed it together. For the first time I’ve learned how to seam properly! I read the SnB book and it taught me how to do the mattress seam. I didn’t realize I’ve been doing it wrong all along, but Stoller’s directions are so easy to follow. Well, back to the disappointed part, Grover didn’t turn out exactly how I anticipated. I had a problem around one of the pockets, resulting in a gymped up little ridge. Also, I made a Large and the shoulders are not big enough. It’s a bit tight. I’m not showing you yet because I am hoping to do some blocking to it before the zipper installation to make it fit and smooth out the ridge around the pocket. Maybe, it will still be wearable. If not, at least it only cost me $30 and I learned a lot from the experience.


One thought on “Girl in the Hood

  1. I want to see a pic of you in Grover. I’ll be honest with you about how it looks. It’s always surprising to me how long hoods and turtlenecks take to knit.. you are right, they go on and on!

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