Hold on, Grover

Grover is on hold for now, but I’m almost finished with him! He’s the Vogue Knitting Hoodie from the fall magazine. All I’m missing is the right front and finishing. Finishing is going to be a beast, though, because I have never put in a zipper before. Anyway, I’m finally working on some Christmas presents. The first one is Suki, Jr. I’m calling it jr. because I am making it a bit smaller than the pattern calls for. I am absolutely loving the mindless knitting at the moment. I am at a conference for work but when it’s slow I’m all about bringing the knitting out. The great thing is that I just started Suki, Jr. yesterday and I should finish it tommorow. Yippeee, quick gratification. I have also gotten a lot of comments about it, which are fun. Several people expressed an interest in learning today and I directed them to some internet resources. Well, sorry for the boring post (apologizing to myself as much as to you) 🙂 but I will have pictures Wednesday when I get home. Thanks for your patience.

P.S. Our house financial stuff got approved so we are officially building a house!!! Craft room here I come!


One thought on “Hold on, Grover

  1. I cannot wait to see Grover on you! I loved it in
    the magazine. I know it will look fantastic on you.
    Congrats on the house! XXOO

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