She hasn’t been blogging…

But she’s been knitting…
Gosh, where has the time gone? I can’t believe how quickly it seems this month has flown by. With travel season, I just sort of lose September and October and skip straight to November. So, I have gotten knitting on the Christmas presents. However, I also want to work on my project, good ole’ grover. So, here’s the front of Grover. Here’s a bit of the detail on the pocket and cable. T-Bone sees a camera now and thinks that I must want to take a picture of him, so he got in on the action, too.
Poor thing, at the time he couldn’t see past all that hair, so we got him groomed and he looks like a different dog. Tommorow, I’ll show you pics of the scarf I just finished and Suki, jr., both Christmas presents.

And teaching…
Last night I met a girl for dinner that I used to work with. Out of the blue, she had emailed me because she wanted to learn to knit and had bought the needles and yarn but got a little stuck. We met at a restaurant and I taught her the knit stitch. She had already cast on but it was a bit tight, so we worked on that, as well. She started out fairly awkwardly and it reminded me how awkward it felt at first. The weirdest thing is that now it just feels natural. It was interesting to see how far I’ve come since I’ve been knitting the past year, and it was very fun to pass on my hobby to someone else who wanted to learn. We are planning to meet again in the next week or two to learn to purl and maybe pass on some other techniques.

And recovering…
I’ll be home for the next two weeks. It feels so nice. Then, I just have one more week away from home and travel season will be “in the bag. I cooked all morning Saturday because I was so tired of eating out. We had chili, homemade bread and cheeseburger pockets. Most of the time I love to go out to eat, but travelling reminds me that the ability to cook at home is a great privilege.


2 thoughts on “She hasn’t been blogging…

  1. A cheeseburger pocket is kinda like a hot pocket that tastes like a cheeseburger. 🙂 I take bread dough before it rises the second time and roll it out. Then you put cheese and browned hamburger meat in it. You wrap the dough around it so it makes a little ball, let it rise then bake it. They are so good with ketchup or mustard.

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