back to school

Just a quick note, as I have no knitting content since I haven’t been able to knit anything since Sunday. I am hoping to pick the needles back up tonight as I watch a fabulous makeover happen by the “fab five”. I went back to school Monday night and am super excited about it. Yes, I have changed my tune. I am happier when I’m busy and I’m really excited to see what this semester is going to bring. There is something invigorating about a new semester. This weekend I will have oodles of time to knit since we’re travelling to my in law’s house and we keep things pretty low key while we’re there. I’m hoping to work on Zoe and possibly start one of my sweaters (probably the cabled hoodie) if my yarn comes in the mail in time. Until then, my eyes are on shopping, which I will do with my birthday money on Friday! Oh, and tommorow’s my birthday. I’ll be a whopping 26, so weird. Well, that’s it for now, more soon!



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