Yarn Day! Yarn Day!

Today I’m getting yarn in the mail that I hope to make TWO sweaters with! Yippee! Like I need more yarn, but this is one of my birthday presents to me. πŸ™‚ I am still making good progress with Zoe and have several other projects on my plate, as usual. But, I can’t wait to start on my Vogue Cabled Hoodie. More once I get the yarn! I’ll tell you all about it!


3 thoughts on “Yarn Day! Yarn Day!

  1. That’s awesome, Sarah. I’m all about yarn these days. Need! More! Yarn! So I can understand your excitement at having *two sweaters’ worth* coming today!

  2. I can feel your excitement! I hope it arrived!
    Did you have a great birthday? I hope so! You are so busy now. Hope you get to knit this weekend!

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