last weekend

This was my last weekend of freedom. I start school again tommorow and will be taking 9 hours, two classes and one independent study, along with working full time. Yes, I’m crazy, I am aware of that. I know I’m capable of doing all of this and doing it well, but I also know that my spare time will be seriously sacrificed. It will all be worth it when I have that masters degree in my hands and hopefully a new job as a professor. I enjoyed my weekend by spending time at the pool today, knitting. I hadn’t taken my knitting to the pool yet, as it’s unbelievably hot out there, but today I braved it with Zoe and enjoyed it. It was nice to sit outside with only the sounds of the pool’s fountain and kids playing. I did attract a lot of attention from all who walked by which now makes me feel proud that I’ve developed this skill rather than embarassed that people are noticing it.

babe-y sweater
I finished the baby raglan this weekend and it was no small feat. I’m still learning to finish things properly and must say I did a much better job on this piece than I did on my boatneck shell (the first thing I had to seam). It still has it’s issues, primarily because I didn’t block it before seaming (impatience gets me again), but I think it will serve it’s purpose and look great on my friend’s little girl. Until then, check it out on my model. Yes, that’s Babe! He’s the first present my husband gave me when we were dating. I was having surgery that Christmas and he was going to be out of the country but wanted me to have something to remind me he was thinking about me. Babe talks too, and calls me boss which has become my husband’s mostly affectionate nickname for me.

moving along
Zoe is moving along quite nicely, albeit more slowly than I would like. I’m learning so much from her and hope I can wear her as a reminder of all of my lessons learned. I’m about 3/4 finished with the back, but still more cables and learning short rows to go before the back’s complete. I’m hoping to finish the back by this weekend.


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