All the hats!

We were heading to Colorado for a few days to see friends and play in the snow, so I decided the boys needed hats. Luckily, that was something I could take care of rather quickly, as knits go.

I started C2’s a week or so before our trip, but it took me a while because I was also prepping for the trip and getting the house in order after the holidays. I finished it the night before the trip – just in time!  You can find the pattern/yarn details on my Ravelry project page.

C2 Hat

I started C1’s hat on the plane, so it was knit fast and furious. This was my first time using Anzula’s For Better or Worsted and oh my is it nice. I worked on the hat on the plane, that night while hanging with friends and in the car the next morning on the way up the mountain for sledding and finished it just as we were getting out of the car. The details are on my Ravelry project page.

C1 Hat

I really needed some quick knits to get things rolling, and these hats were just the thing! The boys loved the snow and the hats kept them warm and toasty.



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